Philippines Plywood House

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Plywood has properties that are seldom taken advantage of. That may be attributed partially to a matter of need. Confronted with the problem of reconstruction after a disaster in a developing country, the need was to reduce material to save costs, and to add simplicity to improve buildability in a resource-poor nation.

From this, we learned the benefit of technology can be in the planning more than in execution. With care, it is possible to build a structural system where columns are a single width of plywood wide, and where the entire system uses only 12 patterns. With the addition of a community and a local CNC milling machine it was possible to build an affordable kindergarten.

Period: 2014.04 - 2014.08
Location: Bohol Island, Philippines
Type: Semester Course + Summer Course

Advisor: Dr.Hiroto Kobayashi
Team: Hiroto Kobayashi Lab
Role: Accounting, Communication with Local Government and People, Construction Record

Software/Language: AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhinoceros, VCarve Pro
Machine: Shopbot, small CNC Milling Machine, Laser Cutter
Keywords: buildability, social involvements, integration of ubiquitous material and local material