Liquid Metal Concept Design

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Maximizing the Differentiated Properties of a Single Material through Form.

Identifying characteristics of metal casting with 3d-printed moulds as following, we decided to explore the geometric possibilities.

Limitation : single uniform material X Possibility : geometric flexibility

Creating Material Possibilities through Viewing Process

Using viewer as a moving agent, the design achieves the maximum visual possibilities of the facade.

Period: 2017.12
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Type: Proposal for Semester Project

Advisor: Mania Aghaei Meibodi, Benjamin Dillenburger, Mario Rinke, Marirena Kladeftira, Thodoris Kyttas
Team: ZongRu Wu
Role: Design and Presentation

Software/Language: Rhinoceros, Grasshopper
Machine/Fabrication Method: 3D Printer, Aluminium Casting